Educational: Arbeit macht das Leben süß, Faulheit stärkt die Glieder [Work makes life sweet, laziness strengthens the limbs]

Educational material - target group coordination: training videos for schools, seminars, presentations, et al, commissioned by Schütt Foundation.

Today's society is aging fast, the question of aging in dignity is becoming more and more important. What alternatives are there for the much discussed care model in Germany? How and under which circumstances do we want to age? The detailed documentary film "Work makes life sweet, laziness strengthens the limbs" by Claudia Funk shows in an exciting and humorous manner how to find answers to these questions in Romanian Siebenbürgen.

There, a completely different model of living together is practiced. This alternative model of a common life in old age is at the center of the film.

We chose this film as a basis for didactic material, because it is suitable for certain topics in the pedagogy of care through its theme and its implementation. In essence, the focus is always on the understanding and empathy of the generations.