The Reichsarzt (in development)

The Reich Physician-SS, Dr. Ernst Robert Grawitz, trained the doctors of the “Euthanasia Program” and the “Final Solution”. He supervised most of the Nazi experiments on humans. Grawitz' second job was Executive President of the German Red Cross. This provided for the medical personnel of the Nazi war machine. A German Home story. 

Über den Reichsarzt-SS und Geschäftsführer des DRK Ernst Robert Grawitz. Eine deutsche Heimatgeschichte.




CERN - Why We Do What We Do | CERN - warum wir das tun was wir tun

Documentary (52 mins) about the brilliant scientists at CERN who discovered the Higgs boson, the fundamental particle which is responsible for the mass of all elementary particles. The film is a portrait of a whole generation of scientists doing research on the threshold of a new era in physics.

„If you want to know what drives scientists, you have to watch this film!“
Rolf Landua, CERN Education and Public Outreach group


world sales: 10francs


Nikola Tesla - Visionary of Modern Times | Nikola Tesla - Visionär der Moderne

Documentary (52 mins) about the Serb-American inventor Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) who invented the AC (Alternating Current) system and the radio. His world-wide wireless system anticipated our modern global communications network, like the Internet. Nikola Tesla's life is like a thriller about science, money, and power. Tesla is a character of worldwide significance worth to be rediscovered as the inventor of modern times.


world sales: 10francs


All About Tesla - the research

Documentary (90 mins) about Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), inventor of the AC (Alternating Current) power system. Tesla wanted to make power available to everyone, FREE-OF-CHARGE and WIRELESS! For his efforts, he was labelled a charlatan and dangerous intruder, a person to be dismissed at all costs! Today, Nikola Tesla is hero to a whole new generation of thinkers, visionaries, and car-builders.


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Blue Note - A Story of Modern Jazz

directed by Julian Benedikt

"It must 'schwing!" was the motto of Alfred Lion and Francis Wolff, two German Jewish immigrants who in 1939 set up Blue Note Records, the jazz label that was home to such greats as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Thelonious Monk, Art Blakey, Dexter Gordon and Sonny Rollins. Blue Note, the most successful movie ever made about jazz, is a testimony to the passion and vision of these two men and certainly swings like the propulsive sounds that made their label so famous.


(Line producer)



Docufiction (50 mins) about Herbert Huncke, beat-poet, hustler, junckie, always living on the edge, always observing interpersonal situations, and always writing. Huncke lived his life as a beatnik and junckie, and he was the pusher of the beat generation, selling drugs to Kerouac and his friends. While his friends made it to the top, Huncke was in jail, on Riker's island. His poetry reflects his love for life, and for the people.


Festivals: Berlin Film Festival (Forum), Vancouver et al. This film has been shown for many years at the New York Cinematheque.


East...West...Home's Best

East...West...Home's Best (Producer)
directed by Gamma Bak

Synopsis: In 1990/91, my father, a history professor in Canada, moved back to Hungary after the Fall of the Wall. He had left there after the uprising in 1956. Is a return "home" possible after such long exile?

Distribution: Moving Images, Vancouver

Our Hitler | Unser Hitler

About Hitler VIII., and his life as a dictator. Filmed on location in Berlin and Nuremberg, the grotesque docu-fiction tells the true story of Germany's star dictator, Mr Adolf Hitler VIII.

(in collaboration with Roland Goldack).