All About Tesla - the research

Documentary (90 mins) about Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), inventor of the AC (Alternating Current) power system. Tesla wanted to make power available to everyone, FREE-OF-CHARGE and WIRELESS! For his efforts, he was labelled a charlatan and dangerous intruder, a person to be dismissed at all costs! Today, Nikola Tesla is hero to a whole new generation of thinkers, visionaries, and car-builders.


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Director Michael Krause went on a journey to find out ALL ABOUT TESLA. The film takes you to the Balkans, USA and Canada, and it shows how Tesla’s ideas and visions survived until today. Krause visits important places in Tesla’s life, busy scientists and adamant fans. Maybe Tesla’s concepts even describe a way out of the global energy crisis.

If we use fuel to get our power we a re living on our capital. This method is barbarous!
Nikola Tesla, 1900